Кatya Chilly - Я - молодая Ukrainian Future Folk

Ukrainian Future Folk
Here is another interesting video Katya Chilly.
Also a Ukrainian folk song "Ya molodaya" ("I'm young.")

The clip was filmed in Kiev Palace of Pioneers.
Pay attention to the background can be seen a panel, which is made in the naive style of the Soviet era of peace among nations.

The children in the video as if from this panel, but in the future, where digital watch "Electronica" does not count the hours and minutes, but the years. Children playing hide and seek.
Stylist unknown to me.

My work - 2006 - LED necklace

Ukrainian Future Folk
Song performer Katya Chilly - fantastic and magical voice!
Video is worth a look just because of one Katya.
Katya is very small in stature, but she has such a powerful voice.
Ukrainian folk song  "Krashen Vechir"
LED (light-emitting diodes) necklace - I make this! :)
coveralls to singer - T. Karambol


Illuminated Landscape by Benoit Paillé

Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé created a fascinating landscape series in the pitch dark only to be illuminated by a strange glowing square. This creates a curious, yet beautiful scene where the illumination creeps into the surrounding area. All these images are not photoshopped. ...More here!


Summer trends!

 Лето бывает разным! :): Лето может быть разным, причем меняться оно может чуть ли ни каждый день! То жара невыносимая, то на градуснике 15 тепла и дождь. Настро...


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My new banana brooch/

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collar trend 2

Olga Bulievieva is a designer of clothes and accessories.

She is the owner of the "Ollegoria" store.

She also offers its own vision of collar trend.


collar trend

Fashion designer T.Karambol told us about the fashion collar trend and about her personal collar evolution. See and read

 Collars by T.Karambol

First collars defile by T.Karambol on Ukrainian Fashion Week (2005)

How to produce collars in the studio of T. Karambol
See the process here and  here 
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About wonderful ukrainian artist Natalka
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