Interesting project for you!

Blog etsyukrainetalent.blogspot.com carries an interesting project for you:
Dear followers!
We are happy to inform you that from now on Ukrteam on Etsy 
is going to practice the sales campaign so our wonderful handmade goods 
could become closer to you! 
Every Wednesday we will publish a list of shops and a discount coupon code 
to be used in them to purchase any product you like at a lower price. 
All you need is only to enter the coupon code in the proper field while purchasing. 
We drop in the prices especially for you, so don't miss your chance! 
Follow us!
Starting tomorrow, every Wednesday, discounts to customers through our blog 
Tomorrow there will be issued a coupon code for a discount on any product from a list of stores!
Carefully follow the information on pages http://etsyukrainetalent.blogspot.com/

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