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Not only very festive joyful people wear brooch banana and brooch pepper.
The brooches works for you: brooches make the mood instead of you, and you can relax at this time
We ship worldwide from Etsy!
Fast delivery for USA adresses

Banana brooch:
Red hot pepper brooch:
on Etsy etsy.me/2yaLyOW
on Amazon amzn.to/2i3DpFF
Eggplant brooch:
White fish (shark) brooch:


NEW vegetables jewelry collection

People ask me to make different vegetables and fruits. And I expand the range as much as possible in my shops #abrakadabrajewelry on Etsy, Amazon and DaWanda. Some vegetables or fruits I can not make for technical reasons - there are many restrictions of the material I use. 
For a long time I did not make carrots! I need to return the carrots to my shops! 
And purple cabbage!

Etsy http://etsy.me/2BrvXcj
Amazon http://amzn.to/2zmRyFx
DaWanda http://bit.ly/2jNpOOq


Holiday mood

-10 % on all jewelry on Etsy http://etsy.me/2BrvXcj
-10% on all jewelry on Amazon http://amzn.to/2zmRyFx
-15% on selected items on DaWanda http://bit.ly/2jNpOOq
Also, do not forget to apply your individual coupons on Etsy!
We ship worldwide and have prime on Amazon for US adresses.
Dear customers, please remember that international shipment usually takes time from 2 week to 4 weeks depending on location and work of local Post services. Keep this in mind especially before Christmas!



Cufflinks and brooch in the form of a dog's head - gift idea for 2018 year!
So much work has been done on these jewelry. First, the form is make, usually manually, so they are all not the same. Then a thick layer of copper is built on this form - this is how the galvanic (electroforming) method works. Then patination and varnish coating, so that copper is not oxidized and not spoiled.
Now the last items from this series are being sold, I will not do such for at least several years in a row. Yes, and I hardly want to repeat it again - do the same is boring. :)
 Lera (owner and crafter)
We remind you that we have discounts until the end of this year on Etsy and Amazon. Only on Amazon now valid 20% discount on brooch pepper and banana brooch until November 25, 2017.
We ship worldwide. For recipient addresses in the USA, we have a proposal for expedited delivery - look for spesial pink sings on Etsy and "prime" on Amazon
Happy sales!
And thank you for support our small business!
Lera and Vladimir

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First Amazon sale for our jewelry

-10%, -20%
AbrakadabraJewelry on Amazon
Dear customers, we reduced the price of a banana brooch and brooch pepper by 10% and when you buy at the end of registration purchase, you will add a discount of 10% more. So in the end, you should get a 20% discount for this brooches.
These discounts are valid until 25.11.2017

We are a very small manufacture with by one person making items. We can hardly attract buyers for discounts for Black Friday, but we already have a 10% discount on the rest of the goods, and it will be valid until the end of the year.

Happy shopping!
Lera and Vladimir from AbraKadabra Jewelry


Cherry earrings

Cherry earrings are our one of favourite items. 
And they are supported for fast delivery on USA territory or if you receive the parcel in the USA: 
Etsy: http://etsy.me/2yxjtRa
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2yxxWwz
DaWanda: http://bit.ly/2gkRpqp
Dear customers, please, remember that
shipping time for our #abrakadabrajewelry from Etsy, Amazon and DaWanda is about 14-21 days depending on location (Australia - about 21-30 days). Some products has special signs: "prime" on Amazon and pink sign on Etsy - this items are available for fast delivery only on USA territory or if you receive the parcel in the USA.
Before Christmas there may be shipping delays due to the large numbers of parcels on post offices.

Enjoy the shopping!
Hope you have a wonderful time preparing gifts!
Lera and Vladomir from AbraKadabra Jewelry

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Christmas spirit and shiping time

Dear customers, we are very pleased with every positive feedback you give to our store, and it is our utmost concern that your purchases will be delivered on time.
It is still a month and a few days before Christmas, but right now is the time to buy gifts, that way, they will arrive without delay. Unfortunately, we are not a big company, and we can not influence the working of postal services in your countries. Before major holidays, there may be postal delivery delays due to too many parcels at the postal sorting offices.
Therefore, we remind you that usually, shipping from our country takes 10-21 days (sometimes 30 days depending on location).
Enjoy the shopping!
Hope you have a wonderful time preparing gifts!
Lera and Vladomir from www.kapussta.etsy.com
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Dear USA customers!
Now we have for you FREE SHIPPING through USA territory of our most popular jewelry:
brooch pepper,
banana brooch,
cherry earrings
from Amazon!
Now you don't need to wait for a long delivery from Ukraine, these jewelry will be delivered within a few days, not weeks.
You can order a few days before the holidays!

Fast delivery jewelry through USA territory

Dear Etsy customers from USA!
Now we give you the option of fast delivery (1,3,7 days) for the 3 most popular items:
cherry earrings,
brooch pepper,
banana brooch.
These listings will be marked with a special pink sign in our Etsy shop:
WARNING! This feature is available only in the USA territory.
For more information, please visit our Shop Announcement and Shop Policies


NEW! Choose your 3 favorite fruits or vegetables brooches

Green onion, eggplant and asparagus brooches are NEW for brooches set on Etsy! Choose your 3 favorite fruits or vegetables: banana, watermelon, pumpkin, broccoli, green onion, asparagus, eggplant, chili pepper in AbraKadabraJewelry Shop


Hand painting and gemstones in jewelry

Сначала я несколько лет подряд покупала натуральные самоцветы, просто так, потому что мне они нравились. И вот спустя несколько лет я решилась использовать камни в украшениях. Я пока не владею техникой газовой пайки, выкручиваюсь из ситуации как могу.  Но зато умею рисовать.
First, I bought natural gems during several years, just because I like them. And then a few years later I decided to use the stones in jewelry. I do not know the technique of gas rations to wriggle out of the situation as I can. But I know how to paint! 
More jewelry in my Shop
and something from new collection:


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