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Fast delivery jewelry through USA territory

Dear Etsy customers from USA!
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cherry earrings,
brooch pepper,
banana brooch.
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NEW! Choose your 3 favorite fruits or vegetables brooches

Green onion, eggplant and asparagus brooches are NEW for brooches set on Etsy! Choose your 3 favorite fruits or vegetables: banana, watermelon, pumpkin, broccoli, green onion, asparagus, eggplant, chili pepper in AbraKadabraJewelry Shop


Hand painting and gemstones in jewelry

Сначала я несколько лет подряд покупала натуральные самоцветы, просто так, потому что мне они нравились. И вот спустя несколько лет я решилась использовать камни в украшениях. Я пока не владею техникой газовой пайки, выкручиваюсь из ситуации как могу.  Но зато умею рисовать.
First, I bought natural gems during several years, just because I like them. And then a few years later I decided to use the stones in jewelry. I do not know the technique of gas rations to wriggle out of the situation as I can. But I know how to paint! 
More jewelry in my Shop
and something from new collection:


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New cats in my shop

In the meantime, my cats are trying to pose for the camera. I dream, if they have learned to themselves handle photos! But I do not trust my laptop in their paws!
Maybe they will earn for their own laptops? :)
See all here: 3-5$

Wooden necklaces: comet and geometric

I do not know how other people after work can write to blogs meaningful texts. I have no words and no thoughts in my head. Therefore, I share only pictures. :)
Something new by recent time
Necklaces:  linden wood and chains
25$ in my Etsy Shop or Dawanda Shop