visska.com: Spring is coming!

visska.com: Spring is coming!: Spring is a wonderful time for flowers blooming. Roses, lilies, hydrangeas, ranunculus in your garden will make you happier. And you can kee...

My brooch Green Legs is picked by Visska.com

visska.com: Gift ideas for April Fool`s Day: I just picked some gag gifts at Etsy. Take a look at my list of handcrafhed gift ideas. These are so funny and absolute unique. Have fun and...

My work

Rhinoceros Black Brooch by AbraKadabra

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Beautiful mystical by dkim

 "The Stars Are Against Me Tonight"

Beautiful mystical print by dkim (Danah Kim)


Metal miniatures by Tadashi Koizumi

 "Okay, this is the last song."


I've long wanted to make this comparative photodescription :)

Table with grass by Emily Wettstein

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My work:
Meet my cat is called Nicotine. He is always there.