EtsyUkraineTalent: Featured Seller: Skrynka

About wonderful ukrainian artist Natalka
EtsyUkraineTalent: Featured Seller: Skrynka: Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Natalka, and I am from Ukraine, a beautiful European country. I’ve spent all my life in Ukraine. I have never been abroad, and my biggest dream is to travel and see the world with my own eyes. I am very family-oriented – I’m a stay at home mom to my gorgeous son, Oleg, and a loving wife to my husband, Yaroslav. I am also in love with embroidery, so I run Skrynka, where I sell items I embroider by hand. Last fall, my husband and I opened ReComputing, where we sell geeky items made of recycled computer parts...Read more

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