Situation in my Ukraine!

We have received information that there is false news about Ukraine are showing in Europe and other countries! As if everything is fine, but peaceful people are brazen terrorists.
People, we have terrible things happening here. Government headed by the president and the bandits went against its own ukrainian people!
Yesterday the police first began firing without warning on a peaceful protestants. There were unarmed men, women, old people and children.
People began to defend improvised means, because there is no way to have to endure this mess!
People were fired by military weapons, grenades, gas. A lot of people dead, the exact number is still unknown . Many wounded , say more than a thousand . The streets in the down-town filled with organized armed bandits roam who attack people.
That night Berkut ignited several buildings in Kiev with the people inside. People rescued by Maidan activists. Berkut trashes museum of Ukrainian House - there were wounded . Berkut moved one person by an armored personnel carrier.
From all regions of Ukraine people come to the aid of the Maidan , but the police blocked the road, at night there was a machine gun firing on one of their tracks.

We in Ukraine are very well understand that in the banks of Europe and elsewhere are millions of dollars of our gangsters and oligarchs. And Europe is very beneficial to stay away so as not to lose the money. We do not  hope for help.
We are very grateful to Poland for trying to show the most truthful information about events in our country.
Why am I writing this all? I just want you to know the truth as it was and it is all in real.

Sorry for my English.
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